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Just asking about the last 3D basecamp, I just saw that Justin was in the program, any insights or news about it?

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I posted a Facebook photo of some of us at Basecamp at the Cadalog booth.
You can see Justin was there as well as Yuki and myself and Nat Ellis.  Also a SU Podium user from Melbourne in the photo.
Nat Ellis had a great and packed SU Podium presentation and we are going to post his slides soon.
Justin also had a Knowledge Cafe presentation of ProWalker which was well attended.
Our booth was busy for most of the event.
So, I personally did not go to any of the workshops.  I heard nothing about what's coming in SU 2019.
There were quite a few exhibitors as well.
Palm Springs (as it turns out, we were actually in Palm Desert) was well over 100 degrees.
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