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Finally bought SU podium, not using DEMO. I am so glad, so be kind to me haha.

I have made for fun this bathroom. Could you help me with and tell me, what do I have to change? (Not only in Render view but even Architecture)




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This is a really good start!

The most important thing is to model with solid surfaces as opposed to single planes. This is what is causing the strange effects at the corners between the ceiling, wall and floor.

For your shower enclosure, in Podium Settings, on the Environment tab, unless you want a kind of tinted glass effect, turn coloured glass off. In the material configuration for it, set diffuse to 0. This will give you nice transparent glass.

The windows don't look right. You can't actually build what you have drawn. You need to lose those little windows over the big ones. You can't build plastered walls like that [smile]

The pebble texture under the bath doesn't look right. You need 3d pebbles or a displacement map for that to look realistic.

Finally, download the Podium Extras from here, and use the nudge tool to move everything that sits on something else, up by 1-2mm to create the subtle contact shadows that we see in reality.

Anywhere where objects meet, or are joined, and they are not sealed or seamless, there is generally a gap which creates a shadow. Whether it is your cup on a table, your furniture on a floor, or where a window sits in its frame, there is normally a small but clear shadow. Once ou start noticing them, you will see them everywhere [smile]


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and also turn off the lights on the mirror or any interiors will help a lot


check the space in floor plan and see how it functions, maybe it's an enormous bathroom? you can take advantage of the freestanding tub to make it the central focus


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