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What do you think? 

BadkamerV3 2018-03-28 20501200000.jpg


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It's a bit overblown at the top. Is the person 3d? She must have exploded your render time [wink]
she looks good though in the image. 

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she's looking at something on the floor texture [cool]


I agree with John is overblown


the bottom cabinets are drawers? or just a surface? if they are drawers they would be extremely uncomfortable to use.

the colorful towel does not help IMHO, and maybe use just a green plant for deco, just some thoughts 


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Shes checking her toe nails to see if then need to be cut [wink]
Is the TP holder the right way or is the square supposed to be the mount to the wall? 

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Hmm - unfortunately not a good render. It's not bad, but it's just not good either.
Also, the design just doesn't work at all.

1. The floor material is wrong - it's a plank material, and you don't normally use timber floors in a bathroom anyway
2. The basin is too wide, in fact it's so wide it's pushing the WC far too close to the wall so as it will be uncomfortable to use
3. The mirror is too high, the storage unit is impractical (much better to have one directly under the counter)
4. You haven't shown the sink trap and pipe under the basin
5. The WC holder is indeed the wrong way around, and looks black instead of chrome to match everything else
6. The wall rail with the cloth is in an impractical location, and doesn't line up with anything
7. The wall-mounted soap holder is pushing the mirror up, and makes no sense in its current location because it ruins the function of the mirror. With the width of the basin unit, it would be better simply to store these things on the countertop
8. There are lights reflected in the mirror which do not look as if they are turned on (no glow) but there are some weird illumination effects and the scene is completely over-lit. The lighting is completely unrealistic.

I'm struggling to understand the purpose of this. For a test render, the material choices are illogical, and it's a strange choice of scene because small spaces like this are difficult to render.
There are issues with the lighting texturing and detailing of the model.

I'm sorry to sound so negative, but the only positive thing I can say, is that the not quite nude 3d model looks good, which risks sounding a bit creepy!


That which does not kill us makes us stronger
-Friedrich Nietzsche


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Hi all

Yes she is 3D, the image was rendered in 6 minutes. 

The idea was to create a bathroom where there is as less as possible work in. Instead of tiling the walls, I thought just about a damp/waterproof colour. The same for the floor. A click vinyl floor will be easier than tiling and I thought about a wooden look. Therefore I've chosen the one in the image. So the floor is representing a click vinyl but of course you are right since it's only clear for me. 

Purpose of the image was to see how the combination of WC/shower granite surfaces (I've seen granite tiles with an enough large size in order that the WC can be seamless) can work with the floor and letting the other surfaces completely white. In addition to this, constructing the shower and WC need more work and it's not easy to make drastic changes herein afterwards whereas bathroom furniture and accessories can be changed easily. So when I added the furniture I didn't think anymore about the practical side and I'm sorry for this! However, thank you to draw my attention because I understand that I made a lot of mistakes and some weird choices.

I rendered some new images where I took your comments into account. I let the woman in the image (sorry Arqcova [crazy], but I changed the towel and removed the plant (however if you know how I can change the colour of the towel in SU/Podium in order that the towel texture remains , I'll do this)&nbsp[wink]

With the renders I had some problems with weird effects:
-Render daylight: white spots on the floor (not the seam since I'm aware of the problem but didn't change this in the model) 
-Renders artificial lights: I have randomly some white spots of illumination and they don't occur at the same places (I've checked light fixture outliner, made some changes but couldn't define the problem) and when I put soft omni lights on it becomes even worse (glow). White spots on the floor as well. Note that FOV is 60 degrees which is probably too high but it's a problem to find a scene with a good FOV of 45 degrees. 

I added the images as an improvement to the first one (I hope they are haha). Image BR1 is the one with the most correct details. Thank you all again masters to make me aware of all the problems! 


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