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Hi everyone,

Here is something I tried just as an exercise to build my skills. I started with the photo below and the goal was to match it as closely as possible, not necessarily in content (although I did try within reason) but atmosphere.

Let me know what you think.

Here is the original photo from Susan Slesin's book Japanese Style, photographed by Gilles de Chabaneix
I chose this because it is a relatively simple scene with some interesting things going on with the translucent glass, mirrors and other materials.

Here is the finished model
Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 3.23.27 PM.png 
The final render:
bathroom1_0803_day2 2017-08-03 17474300000.png 
And after pretty significant post processing:

It was a fun exercise and I certainly learned from it. A couple of challenges were having to deduce the architecture reflected in the mirrors, getting the correct scale for the room and the objects in it, and getting the light right. All of which I would say I did ok with but not great.
I experimented a lot (I did 40+ renders before the final one) with LEMs outside the windows, natural light, and a combination of the two. In the end, I went with a combination, but you can see I still have very hard edged shadows from the daylight coming in. All the soft shadows were added in PP. I think I should have used the LEMs and indirect sunlight. We'll see if I get back into it!
The scale of some of the objects is off, particularly the door frame on the left and the toilet which I ended up modeling myself and the mirrors (I think the room itself is actually a bit narrow). 
Having said all that I am fairly happy with the final result. I am very interested to hear what you all have to say and what tips you might have for me going forward.

All the best,


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Very nice experiment, I made this type of experiment once and yes my friend is not easy! you got it pretty close and very good I might add.

And like you made lots and lots of renders with LEMs

I personally think it's a very effective way to learn

for the next one try to check for a floor plan (sometimes you need a deep dive in the web) or some layout and will help you for the dimensions



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Look at JustinSlicks comment here for adjusting hard shadows.


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This is a great render! I think this is the best way to develop one's skills.

One of the things I noticed quite early on is how the mirrors in the photographs are slightly irregular, and those in your render are millimetre perfect!

Try using the Nudge tool in the Podium Extras download page. It seems to be missing at the moment, but it should be up soon.

You can move and rotate each mirror panel separately to create that irregularity which characterises real scenes.


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Adding to arqovas comment, architecture magazines could be good source material since many also show the floor plans along with the photographs.

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Looks great.  This is not an easy exercise by any means so my hats off to you!  I especially like how you got the little dish on the side of the sink to match up perfectly. 
"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."
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