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Hi guys,


The podium browser is something amazing and amazes me every update.
But the curtain section  is not really impressive i'm searching for the best texture,3d models and settings to make them look stunning.
I have seen some nice ones in the gallery.
So it would be lovely if i could get some more info about this.
Because now i have this but i'm not quiet satisfied whit this.

sufo curtain.jpg  sufo light.jpg 

I also work a lot whit hidden lem's behind the windows to lighten up the rooms a bit.
As you can see in this render (renderd whit default bright high setting, testing the scene)
I place them behind the windows in the shape off only the glass panels and give them settings; hidden, very light yellow color, strenght off 1 up to 6.
But as you can see here it give's a strange effect round the windows on the inside
So are there way's to avoid this ore other ways to get your room brighter i already used the bright high preset.

Thanks in advance,



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try using this (helped with mine):


try moving further the LEM from the window and moving around the intensity


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