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I did these preliminary renderings and now its time to go back and fix some details and add people.

I'm struggling with what would be the best way to add people? I typically use people in the browser but I need to basically fill all the seats and the file is already large. 

- thanks 

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The people from the Browser are single 2d planes. They will not increase your render time significantly.

It is much, much better to add people in SketchUp and render them, because that way (with a few provisos) the lighting and shadows will be natural and accurate.

Don't fill the seats with people. This is the fastest way to ruin a render. For people to look good in a scene, they need to look as if they belong there.

We're unlikely to have enough unique seated people to fill the seats. If you use duplicates, you'll see and it will look bad.

I'm guessing someone has told you to 'fill the church' to make it look a popular place, with no conception of the effect this is likely to have on the image.

It's far better (from a graphical point of view) to show just a couple of people in quiet contemplation or prayer, rather than a space full of people during a sermon.


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