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Kitchen with weird backsplash graphic [smile]
I'm photoshop newbie. Any tips about pp, please.
Projekt (1 of 5) 20170520.jpg

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Very nice renders! The lighting is beautiful.

However they are clearly renders. If you want to make them look more realistic, you need to add more detail.

The first thing to do is use the RoundCorner plugin. Your worktops and shelves would look more subtle. Just use 2 segments and a radius of 2-3mm. It will make a difference!

Next you need to introduce some small construction gaps and possibly skirting boards - baseboards in the US. The subtle gap between the cupboards and the ceiling looks great, you need to do a similar thing at the bottom of the wall.

Also do the same thing along the edges of those patterned panels. The way this would be constructed, is that the floor would be done before any of the furniture is fitted. The furniture would rest on the floor, and there would be a thin construction gap around every edge, where an object is not sealed to the surface next to it.

Skirting boards also don't sit completely flush with the floor, you almost always see a slight shadowgap where they join. It's similar for the shelves where they meet the wall, and anything sitting on any surface. Separate them by 1-2mm and your scene will look more realistic.

These are the little details that make renders look more lifelike.

Great job [smile]


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