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Hi there,

I have recently bought SU Podium for my company and we seem to be having an issue on one of the computers. I had tried emailing the help email but they havent responded.

The problem is that (even when we had the trial) the Podium window doesnt have any text, it has all of the icons but no text. In displaying the render it doesnt show the progress/completion text. Also when we try to add the serial number we bought, there is no text on that window, and when typing in the number and clicking the button regardless of the text issue, it crashes the program, consistently.

We are running OS Sierra 10.12.2 on an IMac, 27" Mid 2015.
Sketchup 2017, latest build. 
Podium 2.5 Plus

Any help would be great, especially seeing as we were really happy with the trial and just paid for the product.


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This sounds like a conflict with something on your system. Podium normally works fine on the Mac.

We'll need to know what other plugins you have, and if you have any unusual software installed.


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