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Please help. I will render something and then nothing pops up saying where it is. I have looked in all my folders and everything. It is just gone. I have even uninstalled podium and installed the newest version. I receive a notification saying that my version of podium on this computer is expired, but I know for a fact that that is not true because I just downloaded the newest version. I rendered some last semester and had a pop up box on my desktop with the rendered file, but I cant get that now. Any help will be most appreciated seeing as how this is for school.

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There are a number questions to answer here.

1. Have you purchased a license for SUPodium? Have you entered this license number in the dialog?
2. If you have purchased a license, is it for SUPodium V2 Plus?
3. Where have you configured Podium to save its rendered files?
4. Have you updated your antivirus software recently?

If your version has expired, you either have the wrong serial number, an invalid serial number or no serial number. Are you using an expired trial version? Podium is not free, even for students [smile]


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