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There is a trouble happens to me today.

Although I've found answer in FAQ but I'm still going to share to you guys.

1.pngAbove is a scene of living room with sun light and background image outside of the window. 

In SketchUp, sun light will not come into scene if your background is so closed to your openings.

So what can you do to make sun light comes into scene?
You have to select background face and cancel cast shadow option in the entity information of SketchUp panels.
And make sure if you are going to render with background, the background must be textures not images.

Then is a tragedy to my work.
5AM-RAW.jpgWhy does the sun light on the wall disappear?

To cancel cast shadows option in "Podium material properties" is KEY!
And below is the result with correct setting.

Both raw renderings are conducted by using the preset: 2_interior_bright_high
I think they are terrible and I'm going find how can I improve them.

To re-render is always time-consuming, so I try using PIE to see if they can be rescued, haha~

5AM-PIE.jpg  7AM-PIE.jpg  General.png  Advanced.pngHow do you guys feel?



You're never wrong to do the right thing.

-mark twain


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Great Zeus!

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Really like the mood :-)
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