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Hello, First time post.

"interior fine AA 1.0.5.pps" for the first and second pictures.
"interior bright fine AA 2.1.pps" for the last one.


I made some original models including "books, wall panels, floor tiles, ceiling light, air conditioning vents". The books texture is made with windows Paint (XP) I did couple years ago. The floor tile texture is from UonUon series by Italy ceramics brand 14Oraitalina. The wall painting is by me. The rest of the models are from 3Dwarehouse.


I use some old style texture like "lens, usb charger, plugins". But the metal surface and concrete texture is not an ideal choice. The panel seems floating on the wall. 


This is for fun. Take a photo my hand with the picture.


This is the opposite view of the bedroom. I changed the ceiling light texture and make new models. The painting and the turntable paper box is by me. But from this angle, room looks a little darker, especially the ceiling part. And the door handle looks unreal.

PLease let me know if have any suggestion.

Thank you.


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Wow - there is some spectacular modelling, detailing and texturing here!

The box is wonderful! The texture on the electronic device in the 2nd image isn't good for closeup, but looks fine from a distance. The window detail is fabulous, and the external image is really well done!

I think you should move the socket from the bottom X, and you are right about the door handle [wink]

But everything here is so well done [thumb]

I would love to see more of your work!


That which does not kill us makes us stronger
-Friedrich Nietzsche


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Nicely done my friend!

the first image is the best!

loved the trekkie art! goes well with the mood

IMHO I would stretch a little bit the room to make space for another mattress (like a mirror for the other side, you will miss the bottom shelf but I think that free space is weird, or maybe another option is to make it shorter like 40 cms for the mattress to end on the shelf, but that is only me...


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The first image is the best but I like elements in all of them. I love the concrete texture. I like the hand and I like the play of the "X"'s. The only things I didn't like where the blue radio and the shadow underneath the technics box (it gives me the impression the box was cutout and superimposed on top of the image).
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