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Hi Everyone, 

Just finished some new renders for my own portfolio. It's been a while trying to improve my skills [tongue] Any comments are very well appreciated. 


BEACH HOUSE 4.jpg  BEACH HOUSE 3.1.jpg  BEACH HOUSE 1.8.jpgBEACH HOUSE 2.1.jpg    


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Reasonably good renders with some nice detail, unfortunately ruined by awful and unrealistic sky backgrounds. Your images would be so much better without these [smile]

Your kitchen units look far too reflective. With reflections, like many things, less is usually more!

In the last image, you have some problems with your lighting. You have strong natural light from above, but you also have a strong light source from behind the camera at ground level,  which is causing the stools to cast a shadow on the timber above the seats! You should never see this in reality.

Do not add fill lighting unless you really, really need it.

You don't here. You are trying too hard [smile]

Let Podium do the work for you. Use the interior presets, and remove any fill lighting sources. 

Post the renders and we can help you improve them.


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