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Hi all,
clients ask me to create a design for  a appartment. Below the page you can find the file. The clients have this file and right know this design is in production.


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pdf INRICHTING APPARTEMENT.pdf (1.48 MB, 27 views)


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Interesting way of showing the project and the information the back lines on the views are [thumb] thank for sharing

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It is interesting. 

Way back when i was in architecture  school, we would layout objects something along the lines of these attachments. Ignore the actual dimensions. those are fubar. GlenviewFullLayout.jpg  Banq No Hinge.jpg  BanquetteOverallDimensions.jpg  Yalis2_7EndTableDimCol.jpg


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There is some nice detailing here, but a lot more attention to detail in the design than in the model [wink]

You need to pay attention to the direction of your timber texture! When you have large areas of timber, they will either be solid timber (in which case the texture will not look continuous from one surface to another) or it will be 'book matched' and it will look continuous across the entire surface or surfaces. What you have here is neither of those approaches. 

If you want the veneer look, you need to not create components of the doors and drawers, but use groups instead, and apply the texture to each face individually, matching from one group to another. That way you will get a seamless appearance across an entire surface made of different components.

If the panels are solid, you can't match the grain in this way. You still need to use the same approach, but get Julia Eneroth's Texture Positioning Tools from the Extension Warehouse, and use the 'Randomise' option. It only works in groups or loose geometry but it's excellent!


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