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This is a custom kitchen project. Again, I was asked to make sure interior lights are turned on and so I rendered without sunlight/shadows. Thoughts? 

OCI 2.001.jpeg  OCI 2.002.jpeg 


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I would say some randomness on the stools and use the nudge tool to move a little bit the chairs and items a notch from the contact surface.


also on the second image top left wall cabinet the vases are repetitive, maybe some randomness? (more natural)


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For me, now that you mentioned that you don't want to see the sun and shadows, it bothers me that there is no sun coming in from the window. Id recommend changing the outside either to a dark grey or nighttime view of outside the window. 

As far as the rest of the image, the model and geometry is nice but the light is too consistent across the image. It's the same problem with the real estate thread images in that their is little variance between light and dark or light and shadow across the renderings. I break down any render into 3 parts - the geometry or the model itself, the textures and the lighting and deal with all of them separately. Let the light breathe and let some lights be brighter and others darker and have areas where there are no lights be even darker. 
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