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Studio-Scene-christmas5-fine-brighter.png Obviously, this is a panorama.  So the link is here:

This is based on the Kitchen studio pre-made model.  But I added new Christmas assemblies from Podium Browser and changed the floor to wood.

Also, using a Dawn HDRI/ IBL lighting for the exterior.  Interior lighting are illumination from the Christmas tree as well as recessed lights and dining room and kitchen fixtures.  But the dawn sunlight does illuminate the interior some what.

I did the final PP in Topaz AI Clear as it seems some denoising is needed for interior scenes if you use IBL lighting.  Preset was interior_AA_fine_HDR. 

I realize this needs more work as the focus of the image is scattered.  There's a lot going on in the model.  Any ideas would be appreciated. BTW - this image is not meant for the contest, as owner of Cadalog, that would be horrible conflict of interest.  I just wanted to add something to venture of getting some great Christmas / holiday season renderings


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Nice to see some work of the CEO of Cadalog. [wink]
Who of the Moderators follows?  (Bigstick?)

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Nice work Dave, very good use of the Kitchen studio model.

I really like the dawn lighting!

kind regards,


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Sorry guys, I have a work render to do as well as getting ready for Christmas and building more DCs for the Browser.
So not for me 😉


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