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Hi all,

Here is another project I've been working on.
Apologies for the lights bigstick.

C&C welcomed. RENDER FILE - Caladenia 2017-09-26 13040100000.png 


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just the same as the other just some variation on the grass edges and I will try it without the light on the garage doors (or maybe a sunset render with interior lights on)


some rounded corners on the "fences" walls? it's looks sharp that edge


very cool!


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Overall it's a nice render and the house looks like an amazing place to live but I'll be overly nitpicky just for the sake of conversation. disregard if you don't agree.
-the image seems slightly dark overall even though it's a sunset render. I would slightly brighten it. It may be that my eye sees the sky being brighter than the house actually is. The grass is almost black as an example. The angle of the shadows should be longer and flatter but it seems more up in the air than at a low sunset angle (noting the car or the lights on the ends of the house). 
-The front door light seems particularly dark and not a light I would want on my front door. Even at night, I would probably be hard to find my keys with that brightness.
-There are no downspouts for the gutters. maybe it's hidden on the side of the house. I don't know the real requirements for a house with that many turns.
-The straight on view always makes me think it's fake but that's completely dealers preference.
-The shadows over the driveway make me think there are trees/bushes at the end of the driveway.
-I love the flowers but the stones underneath seem pretty flat.
- I'm pretty ok with the lights on the garage noting that it may be on an auto timer to turn on at night (although wouldn't the other lights go on as well). I could see an interior light also being on since we assume the guy is there with his car being in the driveway. He could also be in the back part of his house. 
-Lastly, maybe add a very subtle seamless texture to the grey walls to give it some character or something that makes it look like it exists in the real world like some dirt or something to show some aging or something...It's too perfect  and flat to be real.  
- I like the 2 layers of topiary on the sides of the house. It's gives a nice sense of depth. 
- I love the 2nd floor fence. It's very pretty. 
- I like it that you can sort of see into the windows and there is some detail there and not just a fake interior or closed shades. 

Again, being overly nitpicky just to be devils advocate. I think it's a solid render overall. 

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At this level of quality, we’re all nit-picking!

The least successful elect for me is the stone wall. It’s too rustic for such a refined house!

You’ve sorted out your backgrounds and lighting and level of detail.

I do think that some sort of texture on the render would give the flat walls a lift. You need to be careful with this, because you need just a little and subtle visible texture, and there must be no repetition.

You have developed a really high level of skill, great work!


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The one (the only) thing that seems a little odd to me is that only 2 out of 3 axis show perspective. For all the verticals to go straight up robs is of realism for me.
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