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@jlo- thanks for the observations.
-I did use the horizontal LEM but was scared of taking it too close to the wall
-might try a still for CNN or Fox news for the TV
-I used the exact RGB specs you gave, but will try brightening it up a bit
-the green on the wood is probably a reflection form the TV
-will adjust the sharpness

@arq- thanks for the comment, will add more stuff to the tv wall

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the texture pattern errors looks like  a "moire pattern" of the texture grid not being resolved by the camera pixel grid. The ways to resolve it would be to clone over it in photoshop with a good area, try painting textures with an addon like "artisan" which probably wouldn't actually resolve it, enlarging/shrinking the texture more or rendering in higher res so the camera pixel grid would be more accurate. Rendering with the fine AA may resolve as well.
I like the good parts of the enlargened texture more than I don't like those artifacts but Arq is def right, it's a flaw.

try a higher kelvin temp - not just raising the brightness (to be more clear). Check that tips section post I made to get that kelvin to RBG chart.


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i like the feel of it now...i see a balance in terms of the lighting. looks good.
i also like the pendant lights, just missing some decorative pieces in the open slots. [smile]

i'm not quite sold on the texture of the wall unit though, im not sure what it is... but that's just my opinion.

Overall a good render though.


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Great image - I liked it right from #1.
Excellent advice from your peers, and appreciated by all I am sure.
The give aways as a render for me are the regularity of the wall unit lights, and most particularly the regularity and stiff look of the material on the back of the lounges
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