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I'm an early but enthusiastic user (architect) of Podium 2.5, with SU Pro 2018 on a Mac 27" desktop.

My difficulty is that the rendered image is much lighter than the one on my display. I can't seem to reduce the 'exposure' (in photo terms) sufficient to give Photoshop a good shot at tweaking the image.

Images are attached.

-- Screen SU image from display.

-- Screen shots of the Options pane
   * Output set at 'Exterior Default" ('Exterior Preview' and 'Exterior High' produce very similar results.)
   * Environment set at Default, with Intensity and Exposure set all the way to the left (I assume their lowest levels).

-- Image of resulting rendering before adjusting with Photoshop.

Several Questions:

-- Is there a way that I am missing to reduce the 'Exposure' on the rendered image so that less information is "burned out" and not very easy to adjust in Photoshop?

-- Do I have to darken the colors in the model to darken the rendered image?




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Here are the image files that seem to have been lost in transmitting my post above:

Screen Shot-One Unit-01.jpg 

Screen - SU Podium Environment.jpg 

Screen - SU Podium Output.jpg 

Rendered image - SU Podium.jpg


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A few things to note here.

1. Have you calibrated your screen? It's a basic thing that most people don't do. You may also find that printed images look brighter or darker than they do on screen. There are lots of ways of doing this, this is a good one.

2. All the exterior presets have the same brightness/exposure levels. They should be darker than the default preset.

3. The presets are configured so that we limit the effect of the exposure and intensity sliders to prevent people ending up with poor renders. It doesn't have a large range of adjustment.

4. These scenes are not realistic, because in reality you would have a large ground plane which is fairly dark, which would limit indirect light bouncing back up to the building. You might also have other structures around the building which will have the same effect. This, coupled with the way the presets are configured based on more realistic configurations, is creating images which are rather lighter than you would like. There is no way around this in the engine at the moment I'm afraid.

5. Instead of using Photoshop, try using Podium Image Editor. Photoshop is a fabulous tool, but not always the best application for everything. Lightroom is better for this sort of thing. PIE's Auto-levels feature also works well. It also has the facility for you to adjust the brightness/contrast curve. This is very effective, and you will have finished editing your image in PIE before Photoshop has loaded! We could build a preset for this type of image which automatically reduces the exposure and increases the contrast.


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To Bigstick,

Thanks for the detailed help !!!

Much appreciated!
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