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Hi All...

SketchUP - Photo Match - SuPodium render - Photoshop. My knowledge of photoshop is pretty limited and self taught...and still learning. the edges blending it in...aren't as crisp as i would like them to be.

Existing image:
Rendered Image...with photoshop applied.

Marina Elevation_Photo Match01.jpg 
Any comments welcomed.


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Most importantly, the perspective in the render doesn't match the photo. The vanishing points aren't consistent and the angle is wrong.

You need to use >Layer>Matting>Defringe before you import the render, and you also need to increase the contrast.

Your masking with the building on the left isn't great - you need a clean line at that junction. 

You might also want to look at either the colour balance or the wall colour itself.


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Not bad! Perspective is a real challenge to get right!

Color balance on your render would greatly help to blend in the image. Your render seam too blue and need more yellow compared to the photo (at first glance).
Use the color balance tool CRTL+B in photoshop and move the Yellow\blue slider towards the yellow until the whites in you render looks like the white on the photo (you can use the boat as a reference point). You can also check the cyan\magenta balance.

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Hi Nick , bigstick

thanks so much the comments. sorry i havent been able to respond sooner. started a new job a few months back, been a bit stressful.

Havent done any renders in a while [frown] .

Need to find time..

thanks again and take care.


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