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Fortunately I don't have to do many external images. But I want to up my game to be confident in offering this to clients, so any advice is welcome.
I used a magazine shot for reference here - and as usual the focal length / zoom / angles brought me undone and I was unable to fit the same image on the page. (Any tips on this would be great.)
Apart from that, I was not able to match colours AND retain reflections in the window. (A green tone occurs.) Also, I lost the detail behind the shutters - even though I thought there would be plenty of light coming in through the doors as this faces the sun.)
This "best result" was achieved with default setting, lowest exposure & intensity (anything more totally blew it out), plus Podium sky 1.
I did a bit of PP hoping to distract the viewer..Container house - 11.jpg


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Yeah - exterior renders can be tricky.

This is not as good as your interiors. The texturing is not  as good as it needs to be.

The steps don't look right. The texturing on the timber slats is too regular - Julia Eneroth's texture tools plugin will fix this.

The black texture on the side wall doesn't look right. What material is it supposed to be?

The black strip at the bottom of the timber is presumably metal. It should have a very slight blurred reflection.

The junction of the base of the building and the landscaping doesn't work. The token plant looks weird, you have grass in front of the garage (I've never seen this before, it's not practical) and those strange photoshopped patches on the grass are just bizarre. 

The right hand side wall of the garage is too thin, and has no texture. If it is textured cast concrete, you wouldn't plaster the interior if you leave the exterior raw. You would also need a light in there [smile]

So - a significant lack of detail. This isn't up to your usual high standards, but there is a learning curve. Stick with it - you'll get there [smile]


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Thank you bigstick. A good berating, thoroughly deserved.
I am learning - and I believe mark two is an improvement although I still have a long way to go - particularly to get that softer feel I crave. 

Over a fair time now of viewing forum posts I have noticed occasional variations in building styles and construction methods, ergo:
This image was modelled on a real house for sale! The "landscaping" style and the grass / pad driveway are not that uncommon where I come from. (See the attached)

The driveway pads were modified rocks from Podium Browser. I have made my own this time (still don't look great though). 
The steps are cantilevered granite pieces - a technique I have used on buildings in the past but usually with larger slabs.
The upper wall is painted smooth FC cladding. (There is a cowling around the door - which is more apparent on the revision.) My painted walls often look too flat - but they are paint and not plaster, etc!
The black strip under the timber was a painted smooth concrete 100mm rebated section - which I have since changed.
The base of the building was a real issue for me. This time I have angled the pebble texture up the wall - still not great though.
The garage wall is a 110mm tilt slab - textured outside and smooth inside.
No PP this time. 
I found the texture randomiser, which works a treat. I also tried her erode tool on the garden, but it kept crashing my SketchUp.
Thanks again for the critique.

 Untitled-1.jpg  Container house - 11A.jpg   


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Just some ideas

If you have the designer or the digital photo or the address you can look up better pictures to work as an inspiration, maybe if you a re lucky some plans from arch daily or dezeen, etc...

1. use the 2 1/2 grass instances and the fur plug in

2. use another texture for the sidewalk (looks "plastic") there's some excellent urban system on the browser with sidewalks and materials, details on the joints for each slab, etc. volume and round corners plug in

3. it will hit the render time, but try populating the the left side with 3d stones (make them simple low polys) make some tests with only that to see if it helps the overall outcome

4.all the wood texture looks unnatural maybe try to use another type of wood with more life, grain etc. also round the corners of each element (that helps with the shadows and overall feeling) also use the eneroth's randomizer for the canopy over  the window

5.extrude the entrance slab stones if they are meshes use the plugin Fredo6: Joint Push Pull Interactive ( they look really flat maybe try another texture, me aware of the difference between projected textures and normal textures on sketchup

6.the browser has the right texture for that type of concrete just need to scale it down a little bit

7. add some turned off lights on the ceiling of the garage

(round corners on everything, make a backup before making that)

make lots of tests and have patience, you can do it!

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