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hi,'ve made some great progress. apologies for being so quiet.

It's coming together really nicely.

When it comes to light switches, thermostats, card readers, etc. the architectural side of me comes out. Everything must line up. 
Also with that being said, the thought process i normally would use is, what would it look like in its natural setting?

In your instance, i'd suggest the card reader closests to the door, then the light swith and then the thermostat. All items in a horizontal line. 

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Hi Ravenclaw,

Thanks for the response, apologies for the delay.
Just to be clear, this is an existing scene (the idea is to use the setup to illustrate different signage behind the desk-and mostly as an exercise for me) So believe it or not that is the actual layout of the card reader, thermostat and light switch (we've since had an additional touchscreen switch installed and if I hadn't caught them in time the electrical contractor would have put that one at another level!).

What I was referring to with them was the way they kind of appear to be floating on the wall, not really attached, it seems they lack a shadow detail or something?

Thanks again for all the help full feedback!
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