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I just installed v2.50 today and have been working on an urgent model for a client. I have just come to the render stage and have realised that the 'Fixed' Dimensions in the Options dialog are not available - they are grayed out.

How do I go about reverting to v2.49 to render this urgent model?

I am on a Mac.

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A new version of SU Podium V2 has been released - Beta .50 Trial for Win/ Mac. This V2 Beta version is open to all. There are no requirements to download. Start evaluating, using and producing beautiful, high quality images from your SketchUp models with this new SU Podium version.

This Beta trial version will expire on September 15, 2010. We expect to release the full version of V2.0 on or before August 31, 2010. Purchase Podium 1.7.3 now for $179 and upgrade at no charge to V2 (save $29).

The trial version has one major limitation - rendered image resolution size will not exceed the SketchUp viewport size.

Unlike previous SU Podium V2 betas, there is no requirements to download this trial beta. You do not need a Podium 1.X license to use this trial beta.

So you can't. Use v1.7x instead. 

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