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Hello All, 

New to Podium, just wondering if I can get some help!

how is best to render a floor plan view? I can do this with the sun/shadows off however the image lacks any depth/shadows (Image attached)

Is there a way to render with no sketchup sun light and only with a LEM light directly above to light the scene?  AutoSave_AutoSave_AutoSave_AutoSave_Type 01 - Rev 03 (GS)-0-0_1-0 2017.png Thanks


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I recently did a floor plan render and these are the settings I use:

  • Preset was Exterior QMC
  • Background setting was set to Default SketchUp
  • Shadows were turned OFF
  • No Artificial lights or LEM's

I then used Photoshop to add a line overlay and make a few other tweaks.
kind regards,

Pano Tour House - Floor 2.jpg 


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If you end up using Podium's sections, you will get the line overlay or that black section fill
The issue with Podium Section is can crash if the section plane is very large.

What I have found is that if the item you want to section is a component, open the component first and then use SketchUp sections to limit the size of the section plane. Then context click on the active SU section, to apply Podium sections.
Inspired by Nat, here is one I did - no PP.
kitchen-plan-view-render-pp.png  In this case, I turned off SketchUp shadows (no sun).  This should force Podium to use SketchUp sky and not physical sky.  Use plain. white SketchUp style.  In this case, I just used default preset.

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