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This is the main part of the forum for posting questions, suggestions and general comments.

Before posting to ask for help, don't forget that we have lots of information to help you on the forum. Most issues have been identified before. We have a Search function, which can get you the right information quickly. We don't expect you to spend hours searching first, but a couple of minutes spent might actually save you some time. We also have an FAQ, General Introduction, and Tutorials.

We also have diagnostic tools >Plugins>SU Podium V2>Podium Tools>Analyse Model

When you are asking for help, please remember that the more information you give us about your problem, the easier and quicker it is for us to help.

For example:-

1. OS (Windows or Mac)
2. Podium version - on the info bar at the bottom of your renders, or in later versions, you can go to >Plugins>SUPodium V2>About
3. Hardware specification - you only need to tell us the CPU and RAM
4. Podium Preset used
5. How big/complex your model is
6. If the problem happens on all models or just one
7. POST AN IMAGE SHOWING THE PROBLEM. This is the most important thing of all. You can use the 'Go Advanced' option when posting and upload an image. Sometimes it helps to upload SketchUp images as well if you want to show us what you would like the render to show.

We also like to hear your feedback and suggestions. We have a Wishlist section for specific requests for program features.

This is a forum related to design and visualisation. We appreciate comments and observations, and we hope that they are helpful. Even criticism can be constructive.
However - We will not tolerate spam advertising. We may ban users, delete your accounts, or modify your posts.

You can:-
Add a link to your business, but it needs to be related to design or construction or 3d
Post links of general interest to Podium users
We give a bit more latitude for long time users who contribute to Podium in some way

You can't:-
Join the forum solely as a means of promoting your business
Post a few responses to the effect of "Great, I agree" as a means to get your advertising 
Advertise products which are Podium competitors


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