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 Which contest themes would you like to work on?
 Render from photo inspiration 5 26%
 Converted industrial space 2 10%
 Industrial design / technical render 5 26%
 Specific interior design style (suggestions needed) 1 5%
 Landscape design 0 0%
 Urban exterior 3 15%
 Interior office space 2 10%
 Space Race 1 5%
 *** Post suggestions below and I'll add them! **** 0 0%
 ??? 0 0%
Multiple choice poll. Total votes: 19. This poll has been closed.

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Hi everyone, this thread is to help choose topics for the monthly forum challenge. 

Please post suggestions below, and I'll keep a "multi-vote" poll open for the entire month.  Vote for one or more themes that you'd be interested in working on!

I'm adding some of last month's ideas to the poll right now, but I'll keep updating it with any suggestions that appear below.

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Maître érudit
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Space race [smile]
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