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Hi there,

I've just moved my podium license onto a pc computer. For some reason however it does not save my renders. I've tried everything from changing the saved location setting and have gone through all of the possible trouble shooting on the podium website. I still cannot locate a saved file of the render. I am a University student and am in desperate need of help.


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This may be interference from antivirus or firewall software. 

First of all we need to try to isolate the problem. There are a number of things that might be happening.

1. Do you see the Render Manager?

2. Do you see the render window?

3. If the answer to 1 and 2 are 'yes', then can you create a script file and render that? It's the script icon to the right of the render icon. You can open script files with the render manager.

4. Please create a folder called C:\Test, create a very simple sketchUp file in that folder, and try rendering it with the output option set to save as the model location.

5. Also try doing a Windows system search for the file type you are using (png or jpg) for the last day. There is help with Windows searching here. It may be that the files are not saving in the folder you have selected for some reason.


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