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Hola, here are a few Renders from a new project in Baja México i'm working on want to show to you guys at this stage for comments before I show them to the client, greetings from Baja. CasaBeckett1.jpg  CasaBeckett2.jpg  CasaBeckett3.jpg  CasaBeckett4.jpg

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Wow - these are great! The lighting is wonderful, the texturing is excellent and there is lots of great detail here!

In this context, it kind of feels unfair to point out that the grade door on the first image is not up to the standard of the rest of the render. The texture on the garage door is repetitive. If you are using individual timber elements, or components, turn them into groups, and use Julia Eneroth's texture randomiser plugin - it's really good!

The glass isn't good either. If you want it to be translucent, try using a light/mid grey base colour, D30/T60/R10 and check the translucency box. Experiment with applying this material to the front face only, and to the back and the front.

The texture on the beams could be better, but they don't spoil wonderful renders - great work! [thumb]


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Bienvenido amigo (paisano)!

Good ones!

I would say some round corner on the stone walls (big ones, or use the erode plug in from Eneroth also, I think is a better option

And add some environmental modeling, maybe use the terrain from google earth and from there you can manage something good

They are great as they are!


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Nice collection of plants!
In the last scene, an ocean background might add some nice reflections to the widows. you may be able to use the one image you already have. just swing it around to behind the camera. if you added it in pp you can do the window reflections pp as well from that image. worth 10 minutes playing around to see.

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