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You shouldn't use 3D trees for distant views if you can avoid it - unless you have instancing.

The texturing on the trees is a new issue that was introduced with Podium V2.5 Plus. Not all our trees have this, just ones that were textured a particular way. I should have remembered this one.
To fix the tree texture, use Edit in Place, by selecting a tree component, and clicking on Edit in Place Open.

1. Use the eyedropper tool and pick up the tree bark texture.
2. Open the trunk and/or branch components, triple click to select all the geometry
3. Drag the default material (usually the very first in the list) onto the tree. 
4. Then you can either close the component and apply the bark texture to the component itself, or apply the texture to the faces themselves.
5. Save the file, go back to the main file, and use Edit in Place Update.

That should fix it, but the texture mapping will not be as good. You won't notice this from a distance though.


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