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Hello everyone, I'm not sure if anyone will remember me here, but I used to post here back in 2007-2008. At that time I was around 14-15. Heres a few of my posts from the time to jog your memory.. if anyone who used to post at that time is still around (bigstick, solo, nomeradona, fella, stinkie, sepo etc.)

Things have changed and it's a long story but I just remembered this place and wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who were so encouraging to such a young kid. You guys actually pooled money to donate the full version of Podium for me to use. WOW! I don't think I fully realized how amazing that was at the time, and now i'm blown away at the thought. Looking back at old posts is making me realize that even though this wasn't something I continued with, your encouragement strengthened my creative confidence, which had an effect on what i've chosen to do with my life.

I'm now 21 and in university getting my Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (Illustration/Design). Though i'm not doing any 3D modelling work or rendering and can truly look back at my times in this forum and be thankful that people supported me in doing something creative that I loved so thanks!

Most of you probably have no idea who I am but I would really appreciate this post being bumped somehow so maybe bigstick or someone who's still around could see it. Thanks [smile]

- "Superkid"

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Yeah, I remember you, it's really nice to see you back [biggrin]

Congratulations on pursuing a career in design, and on never giving up! I don't know whether you have learned yet that design can get really really tough, but you need a level of resilience and doggedness to get you through.

As a kid, joining a forum full of professionals, posting your work and asking for a critique is a really brave thing to do, but also a very cool one!

Most of the regulars that you remember have gone. Fella has popped up again recently, and we're really pleased to see him back.

I'm sure you'll do really well! If you have cause to use 3d design again (I'm sure it will crop up at some point) we'll still be here to help [wink]


That which does not kill us makes us stronger
-Friedrich Nietzsche


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This is great to hear!  I am new here, but the community here seems extremely helpful and there are a few who are always willing to help a newbie out.  Here's to continued luck with your education. 
"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."
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