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Hi folks !

Long time ago since i had some time for a post. These are the lastest two renderings i made for a first presentation. Unfortunately in the exterior rendering i had no time to model the surrounding, maybe i the next phase of the project. In the interior rendering i tried to omit most of the furniture to feel the "raw" architecture in wood an concrete.

I still wonder how i can get a reflection on windows if the background is cut out (png and transparency). The background is missing because i don't get yet the right one. 

What do you think could be improved ?

Michael  Visu 1.jpg  Visu 2.jpg 


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I really enjoy your work!

You always pay a lot of attention to your models and renders. That first image looks like a photograph! It's an object lesson in how with very simple scenes you need to make sure that every thing is just right.

Have you tried using the HDR presets? That should help with stopping the windows looking too overexposed in your interiors.

You could try a photomontage for the exterior...


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Nice work! I like the simplicity of the internal. And that external is just screaming out for some photoshop wizardry ( is that a word??) [smile]

I love the material on the floor. Really works well in the scene.

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very nice! maybe the first image a little work on the materials, minor things, some separations between materials, etc. the second a little 2 1/2 grass would help a lot [smile]

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unfortunately mostly i don't get some time to rework on my pictures....thank you so much for your feedbacks anyway ! I tried the HDR preset but it didn't helped a lot...the reflection on windows always disappears with png to transparent.

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