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It has been a while since i last uploaded something new.
Criticism is better than compliments...


project-8.4.jpg  project-13.6.png  project-11.2.jpg


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Wow - great work!

In terms of improvements, some small things you can do to add realism:

1. Angle your pictures on the walls a touch, and move them away by just 1mm or so. This gives more natural shadows, and I find that my pictures never sit completely flat on the wall.
2. Separate everything that isn't sealed to its adjacent surfaces by 1-2mm. This simulates the contact shadows you get when objects touch because they aren't all perfectly square. You could of course round the edges, but that would add render time unnecessarily. This means things like skirting(base) boards at the bottom of walls (there is always a gap) furniture on the floor and objects resting on desks. That includes all those storage units and their junction with the floor and the ceiling...
3. Almost all doors have a visible gap under them.
4. You need a much nicer door handle. That one is far too crude for a high quality render, or seen up close.
5. I'm not quite sure I understand the mirror detail. It looks like it is set inside a recess. That wouldn't happen - it's far too much fuss for a small mirror.
6. You need a splash back above your sink.
7. Use the Roundcorner plugin to round the corners of your vanity unit. Not too much, just 2-3 segments, smoothed. Even a 1mm changer would be better. I'm not sure about the detail on that unit either. It looks like stone, but it has drawers. Drawers with stone facings are not common, they are a bit heavy and tricky to fix. You also need to move the unit away from the wall just a touch. Alternatively you could add a subtle line overlay...

But fundamentally - some really well-executed renders with lots of attention to detail [smile]


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