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Hey Podiumers

Hope you all are well, just thought id share my latest project. 

comments welcomed as alwaysDining View Final_02.jpg

Kitchen View Final_01.jpg

2 2018-03-13 20101000000.jpg     


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Nice renders with lots of attention to detail, but there are some issues.

1. It looks like you model your spaces with single planes. Don’t do this. Model them as extruded volumes. Single planes create the blotches you can see at the junction with the floor and skirting (base) boards
2. The lighting doesn’t look right to me. Your ceiling lights have shadows on the ceiling plane. Normally it happens when you use fill lighting in a room, and don’t do it well. The final render looks better than the others, but when you add fill lighting, there is a big risk of washing out your global illumination, which destroys the subtlety of the lighting. You should always be able to identify where the principal light source is, and the shadows in a space should be cast predominantly by the principal light source. In your images you can’t see this, because the fill lighting is washing it out. People like bright interiors because that’s how we perceive spaces. Our eyes compensate for what are often comparatively low lighting levels. When we photograph spaces we can see this, and we wonder why our photos seem much darker that they appear in reality. The solution is to render the way a space would appear in an unretouched photo, and then to adjust it in post-processing rather than to artificially boost the lighting levels which creates unrealistic images. Try using the HDR presets, render to the hdr format, and adjust in PIE.
3. Those wall lights have weird spots on the wall like it’s illuminated. That’s bad actually, and detracts from the rest of the image.

In all other respects they are good images :)


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