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I'm having trouble with light power settings. When set between 0-1 as seems to be the norm for interior lights there is an extremely low output of light in the render. Some light I have to set at around 40-60 but then others look more realistic between 5-10. This is causing a lot of difficulty in creating renders as I need to spend a lot of time guessing what light power is needed for each different light type. Below is an image where all the interior lights are set between 0-1 and the second image has multiple values, for example the exterior bollards are set at 4 while the interior ceiling lights on the ground floor are at 40 and lamps are set at 5. Is there a setting somewhere that I have incorrect which is causing this inconsistency?
Thanks.M8-a 2018-03-19 15332600000.png  M8-a 2018-03-20 10445200000.png


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Podium lights can not be accurately calibrated meaningfully in terms of light output. That's not what it's for - it's not like Dialux for example.

We have some primitive lamp types in the Browser for including in custom fittings, which are not calibrated, but subjectively seem to look reasonable.
It depends exactly how lights are set up. Some lights use multiple omnis in the fittings, some use LEMs, some use spotlights.

Configuring lights does require trial and error, you are looking for consistency which doesn't exist, and unfortunately there are no shortcuts.

I would suggest that you use invisible LEMs inside the rooms to produce background lighting, because the building is seen from a distance. These should render faster as well.


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