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Hi, i am a university student and although i have used sketch up for quite some time, i am new to using podium.  At the moment i have a project on the rejuvenation of a square in Aberdeen, Scotland.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers about lighing at night time?  i was hoping to show street lamps etc at night using omnis.  But once i change the scene to night and then i go to render, the final picture still comes out as day time and doesnt seem to take in any shadows either.  Any tips would be very much appreciated.


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hey! welcome to the forums!

well im not an expert on this, but im sure if you could post and image / your sketchup file or both, it would help to locate the problem, and because when the lighting boys (Eg. bigstick) come along to your rescue im sure they would like one


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Try setting backround color to almost black, move shadow sliders to 2am, move dark slider to max dark., or just do not use shadows at all (best for indoors)


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