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I'm new to Podium and I can tell you I'm impressed by the renderings it produces with little effort.
I also use Lightscape and the ability to use different types of lighting in it is great, I don't know if adding the possibility of IES Photometric information to lights is possible on Podium, it is just a text file with the light distribution of the specific light so no graphic definition of the light flow is needed to determine the area to be illuminated.
Another idea would be to create a separate software to create lighting fixtures compatible to Podium by means of a dialog box that would produce a DXF or similar graphical definition of the fixture containing the light flow direction, shape, color and intensity, color would be associated to K temperature to produce fluorescent or incandescent lights, these dialog box would be as simple as the one on lightscape.
Here is an image of the dialog box.



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Just an observastion....

Podium, the entire program has 6 variables in total out of which 4 are critical (Light, Reflect, Speed and Jaggy). Other two being to render 'all'/'only visible', and output (jpg/png).

This single screen shot here has 10 variables glaring at you screaming for attention!!


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IES support is something that TBD is looking into. It definitely won't look like that dialog though!

The principle behnd Podium is to integrate as many things as possible into the normal SU workflow. Therefore light colour will be by the colour of the LEM in the model (probably).

You can forget all the Source Transformations stuff, I don't understand it, and if I don't understand it, there will be a lot of others who don't too. The 'Field angle' and 'Beam angle' settings are arguable a waste of time with an IES light because the whole point of the IES data is that it defines very carefully the light distribution pattern.

I think you would need just 3 parameters, IES data source, bulb type and wattage!


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