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Can we get more info on that guys 72 core server or other similar machines? I was thinking that this may be a smart thing but there are logistics to consider.
I did find one old post but it was short on info so I'm not sure if it's the same. Either way, here is my current knowledge-base:
- an old used server can be currently purchased for somewhere between $500-$1000 that can be anywhere from 16-40 cores (32-80 threads).
- consumer operating systems (win7/10 etc) only support max 2 physical cpus (that 80 thread machine has 4) so a server os would need to be used. Sketchup and podium don't natively support server OSs. I don't know if they will install unofficially and work at all. A virtual machine may be an alternate method of success. As a former IT guy, I'm not afraid of the tech side of things...
- the old thread on here noted that Podium is not optimized past 64 threads (due to a windows logistical/coding issue). Is this still the case?
- Also noted was that certain portions of the render stages were much better suited for a new current high speed and optimized processor (such as ryzen/threadripper) so it may be somewhat of a wash to get and older machine but with a ton of cores. That thread did not that in most circumstances the more threads significantly helped. I do large models so for me it will most likely help more often than not. [smile]

Any thoughts on these topics or other related info? I would be pretty comfortable getting a monster server and setting it up and testing this out if things are hopefully viable.
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