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Hello people -

This is my first official render. No external PP, because i'm not a PP-expert. Only Podium features.
Your comments will help me doing better for future renders.

Render settings: Interior_high_1.0.8, Podium physical sky 2, Intensity/Exposure near 0. 2048x1536 px.
Adding sharpen, Reducing vignetting, small brightness correction.
Background from podium.


Thank you,



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This is a really nice render!

Lovely lighting and texturing, and great attention to detail [smile]

However there are a few little (and easy) tricks that will improve it even more.


In the real world, hardly anything fits together seamlessly. If you look around you, look at the way things sit on top of other things. You will see a fine contact shadow where they meet - as long as they are not joined by a seal. That could be actual sealant, or paint.

It is created by the fact that almost nothing is perfectly square-edged as we model it in SU. Most things have fine rounded edges. We model things like tabletops with rounded edges (or small softened chamfers to keep the polygon count down), but we don't round all our edges because the poly count would multiply by maybe 10 times.
You probably ought to round the edges of the opening on the left...

To simulate the fine contact shadows, it's easier and faster to separate objects by small amounts. 1-2mm is generally enough.

Where your vase meets the floor for example - you would see a contact shadow. Same goes for the plastic chair, the bench under the TV and anything on the floor.

If you look at the soft round pouffe, that contact shadow is great.

Next, look at the joint between the floor and the wall. There is no skirting, which people normally use because wood floors move, and you need a gap around all edges. This gap collects dirt, so people cover it with a skirting board. If you wanted more realism, you would either model the gap or the skirting [smile]

Next, there are no plug sockets or switches. Normally with this sort of raw wall finish, you need surface-mounted fittings. They are not very elegant unless you go for the raw industrial look, but in this room, you could run them under the floor and have floor boxes in the wood, with flush floor sockets.

You don't have to add these things, but if you do it would add realism.

Finally, the background image looks great and works really well. However, the light in that is blueish, whereas the light in your image is yellowish. I love the background and I love the light, but unfortunately they don't work together.

We have a new Ruby plugin that is almost ready for release that can help with moving objects to create contact shadows. It can also do some other cool stuff [wink]


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Hello Bigstick,

Fantastic feedback ! I thank you very much. Very helpful. And encouraging.
I ask my son (11) about the render. He says: "hey, very realistic. But the background light dont match with the room light" [wink].
I will follow your advices and post the new redender, so we can compare them.


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Very nice render! Good work. I love the background image as well. Works really well? Where did you find it? And also the table is nice, is this from the browser?

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Hello Sketchlar,

Thank you for your comment [smile]
Yes, the background is from Podium: MOUNTAIN-3.
The table come from Sketchup Warehouse: Reclaimed Raw Wood Table.


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This is the version 2 of the render. I made some adujustments based on Bigstick's comments. It's not perfect, but i find it better than the first version.


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