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Hi there.
I'm a new user, I use sketchup 8 and suPodium since 1 year ago, I have the paid gallery, and i'm really happy with the results of my works with suPodium, especially with the time/result relationship.
2 Days ago I bought a new computer, the specs are:
i7 last generation
Nvidia GeForce GTX980
16gb Ram
120 gb SSD
Windows 7 home premium
I thought that with this new computer, sketchup and supodium will go really fast because I used to run suPodium in my old i3 with a old graphic card. And Now I realise that I have a big lack of smoothness and I dont know why, specially in the transitions between different scenes. (textures up)
I set up to the max all settings in Nvidia Control Panel in my desktop and Clicked the "Use sketchup with this setup" 
So, is common this lack of smoothness? I didn't expected this with my new pc so.. If someone can help me I'll appreciate.
PS: Sorry for the language but English is not my mother tongue.

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Hi metro,

I'm moving the topic since it is not related to Podium. Graphic cards have nothing to do with Podium actually, so this is a SU thing.

By smoothness you mean on the drawn edges, or when moving the camera? I have a GTX 970, and its a pretty good one, so you should not have any problems. But SU is a bit mysterious sometimes.
IS hardware acceleration activated in SU. Should be by default.

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All I know is that when I select "Use maximum texture size" things get laggy in SU.

Podium performance should be better, but see the Passmark CPU comparison to see what the actual difference in CPU is. Sometimes it is less than you would expect. But i7 4th gen with SSD should be quite fast setup.

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