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Hi all and happy new year! 

New residential exterior scene, site located NE Scotland.

Image done in short time so there could have been more modelling done to the foreground around the properties and roads.  This is for a public consultation so will be worked on before final sales release.

appreciate any comments.



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Having seen the work you have done before, I know you know how to improve it. [smile]
I know what you can do - you're good, so brace yourself, I'm going to be brutal because unfortunately this image is nowhere near your usual standard!

First off, this has a surreal Stepford Wives kind of feel to it. Everything is so bright, shiny and perfect, but at the same time a bit creepy. This is sort of what I mean, but there's also a touch of the uncanny valley about it.

There's no doubt that the houses are very competently done, but the landscape unfortunately isn't. You've either not used a Podium grass texture, or you've just removed it in Photoshop, removing the shadows cast by the trees. You've added people in post which almost never works well, and usually makes things look worse. None of them have any shadows.

Adding back-edging kerbs would take you just 15 minutes. Looking at this render - was it worth saving the time? You spent so much time screwing it up in Photoshop, that you would have been better served spending more time on the render. How long would it have taken to add street lights or bollards, 5 minutes?
If we look at the grass and the lack of tonal variation and indirect lighting, can you honestly say it's better than a standard grass texture? This is a classic case of the solution being worse than the problem!

Is that a road, or a pedestrianised walkway, or a shared access. It looks like the latter, but there is no delineation anywhere to separate pedestrians and vehicles. Normally you get different materials for the driveways...

Another problem is your scene composition. If you wanted to set out to try and make the proposal look as soulless and creepy as possible, you would have had a hard job [smile]

That angle emphasises the monotony and emptiness, like in my link above. This sort of image is not doing anyone any favours. I suspect someone somewhere with no eye has told you to do these things, and if that's the case it's not presenting your skills in anything like their best light. You need to bring the camera in to the scene towards the houses and show more of the individual buildings and less of the 'impersonal suburb'. I accept that for developers' promotional images, this is very common phenomenon, but I did a quick Google image search for Taylor Wimpey homes (one of the largest national house builders in the UK) and this is what I found.
Lots of Stepford-Wivesy renders, but, most of them focus on the individual dwellings and have a tight crop, who would have thought it, I might not be talking BS... [wink]

Notice also all the posh cars and lack of people. Actually I understand why you want to add people, it should humanise the scene and improve it. But as I've always said, people in renders should be inserted in the modeller and rendered (you get correct shadows if you point the sun the right way), and they need to look like they actually belong there and are interacting with their environment in some way.

Even year when I visit the AIA show in America with Podium I always look at the stands from the Chinese visualisation companies touting their services, and they don't get it perfect either. If some pros can't make it look realistic, it shows you how difficult it is, and how relentlessly picky I am!

Finally, the post-processing looks a bit over-bright and saturated to me. However you can take that with a pinch of salt because I'm colour-blind, so what do I know [smile]

In short - hmm, you can do way better!


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