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Hi guys,

I did this office in house today. What is yours opinion?)

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It's a good start, but for better results you need more detail in your model.

That means more detailed windows, cills, skirting boards (baseboards in the US), and things like plug sockets and switches. That window would never exactly match the wall. It looks like you are using a corten texture, which you can't use for windows.

The thing to remember is that materials represent real things that have specific manufacturing methods. You can't just pick a material you like and apply it anywhere. You wouldn't think of using a tiled texture for your window frame (although technically you could probably tile a window - badly [smile]) so don't do the same with corten

Also the leather on the sofa is too shiny, the office chair is way too crude to use in any kind of render, and the wood floor texture is either much too big, or the wrong type. It certainly doesn't look right.

Those boxes on the desk are too crude for a realistic type render.

You will get better lighting if you turn SU shadows on, and the lights off. [smile]

With a few little tweaks, you can improve this a lot!


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