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Yes sorry, I believe you're correct and that 32 cores / 64 threads was the best solution for V2.5.

I initially typed the specs of Dave's machine wrong.  It's a 36 core / 72 thread -- So adding those extra 4 cores was triggering the segregation, and then Podium unfortunately wasn't recognizing the second processor group.

He did try disabling 2 cores per processor to bring the total down to 32, but I don't think it ended up being an ideal solution. Dave talks about this here: (maybe you've already seen this one).

Edit - I'm not sure about Win Server compatibility and don't want to provide any misinformation.

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Kray3 support the newest CPU. no limits with threads.

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Last night, I did successfully test installing, opening and running sketchup 2016 and podium 2.5 (and a test render) on a VM of windows server 2012 standard ed install GUI version. This opens the door. 
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