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So for some time now I have been using SU and SUpodium to create conceptual presentation images for product packaging, and in-store displays. I know its not architectural in nature but I thought I'd share so that other people may see the potential of this great combination of tools outside of the normal realm.

These renders are straight out of SUpodium. The only thing I do in photoshop is drop the background to white, I always wind up with just a small amount of color in the background; 1 to 2 percent range, and a bit of sharpening. I have tweeked the output profile to achieve the results that I desire with little to no photoshop work.

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jpeg Double Bay With Swing Outs 2017-06-01 17263300000.jpg (555.31 KB, 118 views)
jpeg Double Bay With Swing Outs 2017-06-01 17291700000.jpg (475.60 KB, 66 views)
jpeg Planogram Single Bay 2in Cordless Cutdown 2017-04-05 22534200000.jpg (278.66 KB, 61 views)
jpeg HD Single Unit Display 4 2017-03-15 12261800000.jpg (255.09 KB, 56 views)
jpeg HD Single Unit Display 4 2017-03-15 12235300000-final.jpg (202.53 KB, 60 views)


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Very informative, and well executed! 

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These are great! Podium is not just for architecture - it's just that's the sector where most of our users are [smile]

Try downloading the Podium Extras from here, and using the nudge tool to randomise some of the objects on the shelves - it's great for this!


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Excellent images for the purpose. Is it possible you could share your set up.

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I always like seeing other Podium uses! Great renders, the white studio setup is perfect!
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Hello All - So here goes, since I have learned so much from this forum and its users over the years, and I thank you, here are the files I use for my set-ups.

I am including my altered podium profile (one of these days I'll see if I can modify the newer 2.0 version), my base document, and the document style.

In general, I take the exposure and the intensity all the way down (all the way to the left) and let her rip.

As I mentioned, I end up with a bit of scatter dot in the background, usually about 1 percent cyan, so I bring the final image into photoshop, drop all the way to white and usually do a bit of unsharp mask.

Sometimes however, I do need to use levels to lighten parts of the image but not normally. For instance the attached file shows a render I just completed using this set-up, before and after, as you will see I had to lighten the label as it was actually inside the package (behind a transparent layer) and also lighten the image overall. All depends on how you set up your object, scene angle, etc. (of course). This was an exception and not the norm and usually only happens on smaller items closer up, I don't generally have to do as much, even still it was what I would consider minimal effort and only took a minute in photoshop.

I am as always open to suggestions, input and of course; if you tweak my stuff further or perhaps update the newer 2.0 profile I would love to get my hands on it!

Thanks everyone for all the great work, inspiration and help!

Also, If you need any help I will offer any support I can. I mean after all is said and done I'm a designer not an engineer!

Happy days to all from Sunny Seminole Florida! Just que'd up a batch and now I'm heading to the beach!

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jpeg Elegant Home Thermal Panel Package 2017-07-11 16015100000.jpg (194.81 KB, 33 views)
jpeg Elegant Home Thermal Panel Package 2017-07-11 16015100000-final.jpg (249.16 KB, 27 views)

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