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Hi All,

Another newbie question (Only using the free trial at the moment) 

Just want my first pano render, but its every poor quality - rendered with 3_Interior_high_1.0.8.PPS as the website recommends.

Any ideas why? Link below. (Camera angel is all wrong but was just a test run) 


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Sorry above post is from me - But wasnt logged in! 

Also the link doesnt seem to work if you just click from the forum, but works if you copy link into the browser instead :-s


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Ah yeah, unfortunately it's going to be difficult to make a pano that looks 'clean' with the trial version, simply because of the resolution restriction.  Because the image needs to be projected around a 360 degree sphere, you need more resolution than you would for a still image.

This one by Nat Ellis was 8000 x 4000px I believe:

I'm not sure why you ended up with a seam right in the middle though.  Sometimes over-sharpening in post processing can do that.

For the camera, make sure you use the "Reset tilt" function in future tests.  It definitely helps with panoramas.

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