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Hi Folks,

Saw a couple images trying to match photographs so thought I'd have a go.

Happy with it so far but need to spend some more time on it.

3600w x 2041w

Any tips / suggestions welcome.

Here it is so far: 
1. Original image PWC.JPG 
2. Raw Render
first pass 2017-08-18 12311800000.png 
3. After PIE
PWCsgs 02.jpg 



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the first one looks like a render, so maybe t's a render matching?


some iterations on the colors and maybe use a LEM light (sun color) outside with the added sun on to see how it comes!


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That's an excellent start - nice work!

However, you can do better and get closer. 

1. Use the actual logo. I tend to search for the actual logo, and then import it as a png, or trace it in SU and extrude it in cases like this. Inkscape (which is free, OpenSource and cross-platform) is an Illustrator equivalent. It has an amazing trace bitmap feature that allows you to turn bitmaps into vectors. It's so useful! It allows you to import image files, trace the outlines and save them as dxf outlines. It's an essential part of my workflow. Try using this with the actual logo from here.

2. You need to match the field of view of the original image.To do this you are going to need to adjust the field of view. Select the Zoom (Magnifying glass) tool in SU, hold the shift key and drag the mouse. You'll see the Field of View value change in the VCB at the bottom right corner of the window, along with the changing view in the SU window.

3. It looks like your wood texture has bump applied. Lose this. Only ever apply it if you think you need it. Bear in mind that you only see bump if it's pronounced enough and if you are close enough to see the bumpiness. Most surfaces don't need it.

4. The windows in the reference image look as if they have translucent glass in the window. There's a checkbox for this. You'll need to experiment with the base colour and transparency.

5. Try and match the colours of the desk and furniture in the original image more carefully. On the Mac you have an eyedropper tool as part of the built-in colour palette. On Windows you can install Nattyware Pixie, (or an equivalent) and it will do the same thing. An essential tool for creatives using Windows [smile]

6. Try and get a closer match to the light fitting. There are lots of Artemide ones in the Browser that you could use without much modification. Also there are some Hinkley ones you could use instead. The Eglo Petto seems a fairly close match too. You might only need to adjust the scale and add a shiny copper type material. Look in the Suspended category and use the search facility.

7. Your spotlights need some work. Those in the reference image are small, and don't cast the scalloped shape on the walls. This means that the light source is recessed more so the beam is narrower. You need to more the light source in the fitting upwards, or if it is a spotlight, you could alter the beam angle.

8. Use the HDR presets from here. Your post-processing also needs more contrast.

9. Check the reflection on some of your timber materials. The timber on the ceiling lights doesn't look as if it has any reflection at all.

It seems like an awful lot of work just for an exercise, but the point of it is to develop your skill level. You will also learn how to develop your ability to look at a scene, whether from a photo or real life, and try to understand and isolate what you are seeing to accurately reproduce it. 

These are excellent exercises. They are time-consuming, but I think very worthwhile! [thumb]


That which does not kill us makes us stronger
-Friedrich Nietzsche


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thank you both for the feedback.

Bigstick - some great advice there and some useful tips.  I'll work through the list and update the render.

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