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Hey guys, I am just a toddler in the world of 3d and am trying one of my first renderings in podium.  I have a few queries with this one - how do i attach the image of a sky in the background. How do i stop the colour of the sky from making my rendered building bluish.  Also, looking at this image, are there any other tips you can recommend for this image.  Plus, are there any set, sure shot values for rendering exteriors.  I can see that podium is not able to produce brilliant examples for external renderings as it does for interiors, why is that so?  thanks


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Hi and welcome to forum. I suggest you read everything and I really mean everything in the Tut forum. You will probably find all the answers there.

I would disagree with your statement regarding exterior renders. Look at the post by some of our artists on the forum. I would say some of the renders are on par with the best renders out there using much more complex and expensive soft.

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