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Hi, all

I'm a pretty experienced Sketchup (2017, 18) user who is just beginning to learn Podium.

I'm having problems with the settings, etc, for output. I've tried to follow the lead of various You Tube tutorials, but am getting problematic results.

Attached are two images:  A Sketchup image of a housing unit I'm working on in progress, and its Podium image . . . the one in pink and blue, etc.

The Options settings are shown below.

What is causing the lack of true color? Also, the rendering time seems very short . . . 1 min 31 sec, for this resolution and complexity.   

Any help getting on the right track will be appreciated!

RLB in Brooklyn

SU Model UC for Forum.jpg SU Podium output for forum.jpg Options - Environment.pngOptions - Output.png


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Hi, rlb, welcome to the forum.

It's because clay is turned on, clay disables all the textures and does a monochrome render.  Can be useful for testing lighting, or doing a sort of "fake ambient occlusion" style render, but not so much in your case.

Also caustics should almost always stay off, unless you're actually rendering caustics. (Swimming pool, close-up glass of wine, etc.)

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Hi, Justin

Thanks !!!

Great help.

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