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Dear Readers,

For the information of the readers, and so that they may be aware of the service I encountered on the LULU site, which sells the suPodium books written by Mr James Kenney. With all due respect to the authour´s work which I have yet to consider, (and I should add that I was so keen, I bought both), I have the following to share:

Note to the author - Its one thing to protect your work, (my full support on that). It's another to make it impossible to read at all!! (what is wrong with 'normal ebook' format? Most readers seem to be able to handle and protect the author's work ??), but hey if that's how you want to play... 
Note to Adobe Digital Editions - simple - its crap !!! Had to download (the book), so many times I wasted an entire afternoon & the cover picture does not display, apart form all the complexities of just wanting read the book, which by the way I have not yet been able to do, nor can I take it on my android tablet to the coffee shop or bed to read... after hours at computer working have to sit at computer to ... 'read book...duh!'
Note to LULU... thanks for the help, (I did not get any!!)
I feel like a real LULU now you will not catch me there again!!
Note to the buyers of these books - neatly tucked away at the bottom of the web page is the fact that you can only read this book in Adobe Digital Editions. So if you have android don't bother.

As for the content I will let you know...
Extremely disappointed and ANGRY with this experience !!! 


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Court Jester
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lol. I feel your pain.
It's quite possible I have no idea what I'm talking about.

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Hmm, interesting, i have never used Adobe Digital Editions. I read the books (first drafts) in PDF format. 

Generally his advice is good and reliable, but I disagree with his use of the omni grid and fill lighting.

You need a really good eye, very subtle settings and great care to avoid omni grid images looking fake. I prefer a LEM behind the camera.


That which does not kill us makes us stronger
-Friedrich Nietzsche


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Simple PDF formats play's just fine on my android tablet. Haven't tried his book on final format...

Mine is in PDF, I hope you guys don't have this pain! Not in ebook format but should be more flexible to use.

Podium Tech. Support

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Sorry to learn you had such a bad experience with the Adobe Digital Rights Management PDF from Lulu. Perhaps you could have contacted me directly and requested another PDF, I would have been happy to help you! I don't have your email address so send me a note and I'll be happy to send you unrestricted PDF's of both books. 

Just to clarify, but not to make any a Professor, I know how often copyrighted materials are illegally copied, my intention is to limit the "sharing" of materials. As an example: Before I had placed the Adobe Digital Rights Management on my work, I had a part-time design instructor buy one of my books, he emailed me offering great praise and then went on to tell me he made copies for his 40 students. The next day I added the Adobe DRM to the PDF. 


Jim Kenney, Professor
Sacramento State University
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