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Any news on when Podium server will be up and running for Mac users?

My work is looking to use this for batch rendering and would be good to get an idea of when we can expect this.


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We are not actively looking at this right now.

We have a version that works, but it's not reliable. It should be viewed as beta status I guess.

The issue is that after a certain number of scenes (which is neither predictable or regular) the process fails and basically repeats the last render in the queue before the point of failure.
In addition, periodically you get repeated renders of the same scene. Sometimes, after a lot of renders, it will crash.

Once you start to use this on a Mac, you should not interrupt the process, which makes it even more unreliable. If you have say an old Mac Pro that you can use as a render server, stick it in the corner, let it render, and don't touch it.

As long as you are not using the process for a lot of large renders, it should work.

It was a tricky problem that we didn't fully understand, so it wasn't a quick fix. Given the limited demand for it, we didn't persevere.

If you want it, I'm sure Dave will let customers download it, but please bear in mind that it's not fully supported and isn't being actively developed at the moment. We are focussing on beta 2.6, when it's done, I guess we will circle back on it, but whether we'll release an updated Mac version I can't say.


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