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Podium Walker 1.2.3 for Windows and Mac has been released.
This version brings the Mac version up to the same level as the Windows version.  Both versions now employ the Embree intersection calculation engine for calculating the intersection of rays of light with geometry.  From the user perspective what you will notice with this version is that 2D face-me components in a scene will render much faster.  Previously, if you had 2D face-me components in a scene, each time the camera moved, Podium Walker would have to render the entire scene (because the face-me component moved to face the camera).  This requirement slowed the video output greatly.  With Embree, having 2D face-me components in a scene is hardly noticeable.
We have also introduce a Anti-Aliasing option which allows you to set how much AA you want in the animation.  The higher, the better quality but also means slower video output.  Higher AA will reduce the flickering you may be experiencing in the animation.
With this version for the Mac, we have solved the "sudden death crashes" that occurred with some SketchUp models. This is where when Podium Walker was invoked, Podium Walker and SketchUp would immediately crash for some inexplicable reason.
Please download from here -
Before downloading, it may be best to remove the previous version.
Read the uninstall section of this page -
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