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Hello to all you lovely people.
I have just discovered the amazing ProWalker GPU and loving everything about it.
However I am encountering one very frustrating hiccup with the interior lights from Podium Browser not lighting up when choosing the Id setting to render.
They light up in the Pr setting, but not always in the Id setting (some do, some don't).
It just so happens that the Id setting is the perfect one for me as it allows for speed as well as quality.
However interior lights are a must for realistic interior visualisations.
Any help would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

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Manuela, You have observed correctly.  The current Iray version employed in ProWalker GPU has an artificial light limitation of 12 lights (spot or omni) in ID mode and ID mode does not support LEMs.
But, the good news is Nvidia released iray2017.0 which removes that limitation in ID mode.  Nvidia's partner, LightWorks, creates the SDKs for Iray and they apparently were set to release the latest SDK a week ago but it's been delayed.  But this limitation should be "fixed" in the next free update of ProWalker GPU.  But we will need to test how well the implementation works.  We will keep you posted. I don't expect this will take more than a few weeks.
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